"I went to Andrew after having major surgery to replace 3 disks in my neck (C3, C4, and C5) and I also had a titanium plate inserted which fused the three replacement disks together. At the time of the surgery I was 45 years old. My goal for Physical Therapy was to increase my post surgery range of motion, to strengthen the neck area and to again play organized soccer. Andrew put me through a strenuous program and I am happy to say that I started playing soccer again approximately 9 months after having the surgery and I continue to play 2+ years later. I accredit Andrew with putting together a work out program that helped me reach these goals". - MW  

  "I used Andrew for recurring back pain on a referral from my primary doctor.  Andrew effectively communicated his prognosis of my back pain to my primary doctor and plotted a successful physical therapy plan.  I highly recommend Andrew and his services." - GK   

  "I broke my leg for the third time playing soccer.  This break was worse than the the other two and I had to have a titanium rod put inside my Tibia with 2 bolts at the upper and lower part of the leg securing the rod.    My initial question to the Orthopedic Surgeon was will I be able to play soccer again?  The quick answer was lets just get it healed and see what we can do about rehabilitation and gaining flexibility back.   Andrew Quirk came to my house  to advise me on how we should go about strengthening my leg and at the same time gain flexibility back. I was expecting the worst, but he was both motivating and sympathetic while he explained what issues I would have. He told me “  You can follow my schedule and work hard to make sure your leg gets stronger and your flexibility in your foot returns or slack off and increase your chances of not ever becoming 100% healed”.  Andrew is a dedicated scholar in the art of Physical Therapy.  When he walks into the room you know you have someone who wants you to improve your condition and also cares about you as a person.  He explains your options and provides the guidance you need to be as motivated as he is to heal or help your pain.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew to a family, friend or stranger. As for my leg, I am playing soccer 2 to 3 days a week and started skiing again this past winter! Thank you again Andrew!!”  - J. Joseph  

  I am writing this to commend Andrew Quirk to anyone who is considering using a Physical Therapist.  I try to hit on the points that might be important to someone who is trying to decide among various PT options.  For reasons I explain in more detail, I highly recommend Andrew Quirk, without reservation.  While office location and office staffing are important (see below), the real reason to go to Andrew Quirk PT is Andrew himself.   Andrew Quirk is the PT I chose to use after I broke my leg severely.  I asked friends who they would use if they needed PT.  Many people in my area (Maplewood/South Orange) recommended Andrew.  Some had firsthand knowledge; others had “heard good things” but had not been to him personally. On every score I can think of, Andrew has more than exceeded my expectations.  First and most important, Andrew is the ONLY PT you will see.  That means that Andrew always knows where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going, PT wise.  He does not need to consult notes or another person to find out your status, or what needs to be done.  At every visit, it is apparent that Andrew has planned your treatment, and given thought to you even before you arrive.  This is comforting and reassuring. If your injury is severe enough, you spend a lot of time with your PT.  You want to feel like an individual, not a number or a slot. With Andrew (and his office staff), you are never made to feel anything less than the most important person present.   Andrew is a really nice person.  He’s funny, engaged and an interesting conversationalist with varied interests. Now I won’t lie to you.  PT is not pain-free (especially at the beginning).  But especially when it’s painful, Andrew is warm and compassionate.  He knows when to push you and when to scale back. There is no one who wants you to get better faster than Andrew, but he is patient (as all healers must be) and does not do too much too soon.  His pace is where you feel challenged but not overwhelmed.  It is, in fact, a perfect pace.   In addition to how wonderful a PT Andrew is, he is complemented nicely by Andrew’s office staff. His office personnel (including his lovely wife, Patricia) are pleasant and easy to deal with. They are also flexible and will cheerfully reschedule if they can. His Valley Street office location is convenient. My recommendation is as unqualified as a recommendation can be. I hope (for your sake) that you use Andrew if you need a PT.  And drop me a line to tell me how it goes. - Barbara Quackenbos  

  I went to Andrew because, after 35 years of devoted and long distance running, running, I'd finally had an ankle injury that not only made it impossible for me to run, but also had me limping while walking, feeling uncomfortable when standing too long, and feeling like my ankle was vulnerable and weak. It hadn't improved in three months, and so my sports medicine doctor had told me to get PT. Andrew immediately saw what the problem was, and first had me get orthotics. These helped a good deal, but I had quite a way to go in my treatment. Andrew looked at me as an individual; he was thoughtful, probing, thorough and always very concerned.  I always felt that he was being highly attentive to my own specific issues, needs and progress. PT with Andrew is not only tremendously effective, but even enjoyable. Andrew is warm, engaging, and very, very funny. In less than three months, Andrew's therapy and exercises got me back to running, and now I walk normally and barely ever notice my formerly pesky ankle. I feel like he gave me the gift of something that was precious to me. I recommend Andrew all the time to people needing PT, and would be happy to talk with you about my experiences. - Jon Ben-Asher  

I can't say enough good things about Andrew Quirk's skill as a physical therapist. I have 100% function of my left shoulder after my surgery to staple a completely torn left shoulder rotator cuff. My results amazed my equally  effective orthopedist, Dr. Andrew Hutter of West Orange. When you see  Andrew Quirk, you have his undivided attention for the length of your  appointment. This is not a small detail. While you perform the exercises you have the opportunity to ask questions about how things may relate to   your progress, discuss how the movements feel, ask about what are reasonable expectations for the future. All this helped my understanding of what I  needed to do, and it helped me get the results I needed. Other therapists give you 15 minutes to chat, but they are frequently distracted by their  assistants and other patients. I didn't get the feeling that I had all  their attention on my progress. The results showed. My previous therapist  misdiagnosed my problem. It is easy to do. We never achieved the same relationship. I am eternally  grateful to Andrew Quirk. Go see him, he's a gem. And no, he never asked me to write anything about him. - Veronica Peralta