Testimonials Cont'd.


I began seeing Andrew Quirk about 9 months ago for facet athropathy. For many years I have suffered with low back and hip pain and pursued treatment from a wide range of practitioners, many who provided only temporary relief. The combination of his therapeutic methods and gradual introduction of exercises has finally provided me with lasting relief and an exercise regime that is manageable. - JJ  

  When it comes to physical ailments, my favorite Physical Therapist- Andrew Quirk has incredible expertise. Andrew is the ultimate professional who can easily identify where the pain is coming from, relieve the pain with soothing therapies and tough exercises, and help to cure the inflamed or sore muscles, tendons, or ligaments with sage practice and advice.  My plantar fasciitis (which was ridiculously crippling), was treated by Andrew Quirk with kind, realistic, and logical therapies which made it heal quickly. I’m still pleased that we’ve put that ailment behind me.   Thank you Andrew for your professional opinions and very helpful therapies and pointers about how to remain strong! - Jen Lieberman